Meet The Author

A professional, full-time veterinarian and an avid entrepreneur, one thing that A.C. Washington has not been able to satisfy is her passion for art. As far back as she can remember, she has always nurtured the need to have a creative outlet to supplement her engaging veterinary work. Although she has a STEM background, Washington emerges as a great enthusiast of the arts, with a penchant for coloring. She recently published two coloring books: Black Mermaid: All Ages Coloring Book, and Black Fairies: All Ages Coloring Book. 


Washington’s coloring books feature diverse characters with natural hair and varying backgrounds, exemplifying diversity and making them a prized find for lovers of fantasy art. Washington releases her books with special focus on the black communities and other minority communities with a desire to make them feel noticed, included, and appreciated. 


Having entertained the idea of composing children's stories for years, Washington is currently working on her first picture books and envisions having them published by the Spring of 2021. Away from her professional duties, Washington enjoys exploring her creative side by writing, making jewelry, traveling with her husband, and trying out different food joints.